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A Poet Breathes Life into Duralumin

Quality-Review A Poet Breathes Life into Duralumin
A Poet Breathes Life into Duralumin (PDF)

The Shozo Izushi Selection No. 6
The evolution of bags created by Aero Concept
 --------- JQR No.05 (2011 Sep)

Linear Liner

Quality-Review Linear Liner
Linear Liner (PDF)

The Power of Magnets Delivers Scale Speed Equivalent to 500 km/h
Now Enjoy Your Own Linear Motor Car at Home
The world’s first toy train that levitates and runs on magnetic force
 --------- JQR No.26 (2015 Dec)

KURUTOGA & orenz

Quality-Review KURUTOGA & orenz
KURUTOGA & orenz (PDF)

Advanced Mechanical Pencils. That Don’t Break and Produce Uniform Writing
Advanced technology Makes small, neat handwriting. Easier than ever
 --------- JQR No.24 (2015 Aug)

Swallowing Aid Jelly

Quality-Review Swallowing Aid Jelly
Swallowing Aid Jelly (PDF)

Jelly coats medication to deliver it gently and safely to the stomach.
Easily take medications that are hard to swallow, or have an unpleasant taste or smell.
 --------- JQR No.23 (2015 Jul)



Konaka Shower Clean Suit
A washable suit that takes advantage of water-repellent wool, combined with quick- drying, anti-wrinkle technology.
 --------- JQR No.20 (2013 Jul)

OTA TOKIO Shitamachi Bobsleigh

Quality-Review Shitamachi Bobsleigh
Shitamachi Bobsleigh (PDF)

The first Japanese bobsleigh designed and built in four weeks
 --------- JQR No.19 (2013 Apr)

Toyo Suisan’s Maruchan Seimen

Quality-Review Toyo Suisan’s Maruchan Seimen
Toyo Suisan’s Maruchan Seimen (PDF)

An explosive hit product in the instant noodle market sets a new standard for instant ramen.
 --------- JQR No.18 (2013 Jan)

GreenFan Mini

Quality-Review GreenFan Mini
GreenFan Mini (PDF)

A Cordless Power-Saving Fan With a Natural Breeze
 --------- JQR No.14 (2012 Jul)

Mizuno’s Ignitus2 KH

Quality-Review Mizuno’s Ignitus2 KH
Mizuno’s Ignitus2 KH (PDF)

Shoes with technology to support athletes from the feet up
 --------- JQR No.10 (2012 Feb)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1

Quality-Review Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 (PDF)

A Mirror-less Lens
High quality photos and movies from a compact camera!
 --------- JQR No.09 (2012 Jan)

Doraku Kiln Kuchitsuki Kuronabe

Quality-Review Doraku Kiln Kuchitsuki Kuronabe
Doraku Kiln Kuchitsuki Kuronabe (PDF)

The warmth of a beautiful Iga earthenware pot stirs the Japanese heart
 --------- JQR No.08 (2011 Dec)

Ito Stoles by Oriza Kobo

Quality-Review Ito Stoles by Oriza Kobo
Ito Stoles by Oriza Kobo (PDF)

Oriza Imabari Ito
Beautiful stoles created by combining textile basics with new challenges
 --------- JQR No.07 (2011 Nov)

Breathable, Cool “Airweave Cool 016”

Quality-Review Breathable, Cool “Airweave Cool 016”
Breathable, Cool “Airweave Cool 016” (PDF)

Airweave Cool
Athletes love the environmentally-friendly, comfortable Airweave Cool mattress pad.
 --------- JQR No.04 (2011 Aug)

Pocket Doltz

Quality-Review Pocket Doltz
Pocket Doltz (PDF)

Sonic Toothbrush
This revolutionary product has dramatically widened the market and increased users of electric toothbrushes
 --------- JQR No.01 (2011 May)

Refined Uchikake for the 21st Century

Quality-Review Refined Uchikake for the 21st Century
Refined Uchikake for the 21st Century (PDF)

The Shozo Izushi Selection No. 3
Top quality garments woven in Masuda, Shimane Prefecture
 --------- JQR No.02 (2011 Jun)

Sony XBA-4SL

Quality-Review Sony XBA-4SL
Sony XBA-4SL (PDF)

stereo ear receiver
Top-quality headphones featuring earpieces with in-built quad speakers
 --------- JQR No.11 (2012 Apr)

A Pearly Tale of Tenfold Fortune

Quality-Review A Pearly Tale of Tenfold Fortune
A Pearly Tale of Tenfold Fortune (PDF)

The Shozo Izushi Selection No. 2
Ago Bay, Ise-Shima
 --------- JQR No.01 (2011 May)

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