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Pico-Falcon, the Ultra-mini RC Helicopter That Maneuvers Easily Even in Small Spaces

Stable flight is made possible by a high-performance gyro sensor that detects helicopter angle and speed, and by a dual-blade, counter-rotating propeller mechanism.

Only 59 millimeters long and weighing just 9 grams,the world’s tiniest toy helicopter will captivate even adults!

Ahelicopter small enough to fit on the tip of a finger? More than a toy model, though—surprise! It takes off with a whir. Manipulate the included controller just right, and you can fly it not just up and down, but into left and right turns, rotations and horizontally forward and backward. The fun is in the realistic sensation of flight, greatly scaled down. This is the Pico-Falcon, a helicopter just 58.5 millimeters long and weighing nine grams. Sold by toy manufacturer CCP, this ultra-mini radio-controlled (RC) helicopter has been recognized by Guinness as the world’s smallest toy helicopter.
The helicopter and its controller are connected via infrared, giving it an operable indoor range of about five meters. The price is small, too, at just 5,480 yen for a complete set including controller.

The development of this ultra-mini helicopter was prompted by what happened after the company’s launch of its first indoor miniature RC helicopter in 2006. That launch was followed by a flood of foreign-made, inferior knock-offs that broke easily and created the impression that all toy helicopters were flimsily made.
“It was very frustrating,” recalled Promotion and PR Team member Kiyoko Hayasaki. “We needed to dispel that image, so our development team put their heads together to come up with a sturdier, even smaller RC helicopter. In 2013, we introduced the Pico-Falcon’s predecessor, the 81 millimeter-long Nano Falcon.”
Typically, a product like this is considered a hit if you can sell 30,000 of them; 150,000 Nano Falcons were sold in just the first nine months. The Pico-Falcon, meanwhile, is another 30% smaller, and to make it even more compact, both the size and number of electronic parts was reduced. Shogo Matsuda, who led the planning and development effort, noted that “We used a soft material for the propeller and the legs of the fuselage. This material not only reduces weight, but acts as a shock absorber during impact, resulting in a sturdier toy.”

Comes in the three colors shown. Helicopter is equipped with a battery that can be recharged using the charger built into the controller. A 30-minute charge allows for about four minutes of continuous flight.

Designed to foster a sense of fun

The developers of the Pico-Falcon focused not only on smaller, sturdier construction, but on making the helicopter fun to operate. For example, lift the lid of the Pico Box, the Pico-Falcon’s special carrying case, and you’ll find everything you need stored snugly inside: Helicopter, controller, batteries and screwdriver. Close the lid, though, and the box instantly becomes a heliport. The front of the helicopter is also equipped with white LED lights that can be flashed on and off during flight, making it look even more like a real helicopter. With the ability to fly three Pico-Falcons simultaneously, you can even create formations. 
The Pico-Falcon offers realistic flight in a small package. Easy to operate, this tiny helicopter is packed with features that are sure to captivate children and adults alike.

The included Pico Box holds the helicopter, controller and screwdriver (used when changing batteries). At just 11 x 10 cm, it is compact to store and easily portable. 
(Batteries sold separately)

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