JQR joint issue project $100発行人についてのご案内

Conditions to be issuer

Nationality, individuals, corporations, organizations are not questioned. Everyone can become a JQR issuer with $ 100 per issue However, areas that can be distributed and issued are countries in the world except Japan.

New relationship between editor and issuer

The editor (JQR Editorial Department) makes the magazine, the issuer (you) prints the magazine and sells it or distributes it freely. This is a new business model of magazine = paper medium that we have not had before. Issuers can collect advertisements and distribute them as free papers or sell them with a price attached. Everything after deducting printing fee and content usage fee of $ 100 from sales is the profit of the issuer. Please also use it for catalogs of products, PR magazines, public relations magazines inside the company.

Usage method and issue condition

It is a condition to print all the pages including the advertisement provided by JQR and make it a booklet. Changing the design layout and sentences of the magazine, deleting the page is prohibited, but you can freely change the cover design and magazine titles.

Additional publication of advertisements and articles by issuers

You can add articles by publishers and advertising pages you gather yourself. Please use optional editing function (scheduled to be available in late March) to be installed on the JQR site, plug in arbitrary articles and advertisements, download the print data.

Delete page

If your client is in competition with ads on JQR, you can delete JQR's ad page with $ 50 per 1P. The same is true for the edit page.

Flow of issue

Provided language

We will produce in Japanese and provide translated version of English, French, Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese). Please choose a language and use. We plan to increase other languages.

Issuing base and number of copies

Issuing contract = content usage fee is required at each place when publishing in a place different from the address registered as issuer, for example, at two sales offices or shops straddling the state or the country. Up to 100,000 copies can be issued.

About provided articles

The articles provided by JQR are planned to be about 32 pages each. We will upload the data of the latest issue on the 15th of every month.