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Popular Women’s Toilets Conducive to Lingering

Shibuya Hikarie opened in 2012, and the women’s restroom facili ties located in ShinQs, the retail portion of the complex, have been much talked-about. They include not only stylishly designed interior s, but a relaxing 3D sound system and air scented with aroma oils. The facilities on each floor even feature different themes, with on e offering a woody space filled with plants, while another is lik e something in a luxury hotel, complete with a dazzling chandelie r. Just visiting the restrooms on each of the six floors could make for a fun experience.

Shibuya Hikarie
2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The restrooms are being called “switch rooms,” because they provide women a place to “switch” their makeup and their mood before dinner or an important date. Women only.

Stalls in the fourth floor toilets each feature a different design, from forest to deep sea. Every visit feels like a little trip of its own.

Powder rooms feature LED lighting designed to enhance the skin’s appearance. Magnifying mirrors and air-shower booths also available.

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