Vol. 13 2012年 06月号


Gasoline or Electricity?That is the Question

The Electric Car Evolves

  • QualityReview

    The finest-quality kasutera, gifted to the king of Spain and exclusive to Ginza

  • A promising technology for powering humanoid robots?

    Development of an Ultra-compact Gas Turbine Capable of Generating Large Amounts of Power Anywhere

  • Our Handpicked Selection of Depa-Chika Epicurean Bento

Vol.13 Topics

Vol. 14 2012年 07月号


Good Food Starts with Tasty Ingredients

In Search of Fresh Vegetables

  • Planned vegetable production a reality Plant Factory

  • BALMUDA GreenFan Mini



  • Rinnoji Temple’s Gohan-shiki (rice-forcing) Festival (April 2) is an unusual ordeal in Nikko

Vol.14 Topics

Vol. 15 2012年 08.09月号


Clean Water is Healthy Water

Be Conscious of the Water in Your Life

  • QualityReviewSpecial

    The Aesthetics of the Joinerʼs Art The Pride of Japanese Furniture

  • Hard Work and the Blessings of Nature in the Home of Japanese Whisky

  • Are you spending your summer vacation in Japan?

Vol.15 Topics

Vol. 16 2012年 10.11月号


Traveling Kyoto like natives

Kyoto Experiencing Machiya

  • What it means to live in a machiya

  • Experience a “Machiya Stay”,the “Iori” way

  • Guide to Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Kyoto

  • A Conversation with Foreign Residents

    Living in Kyoto History, quietness and Convenience

Vol.16 Topics

Vol. 18 2013年 01月号



Keeping the City Clean

  • Toyo Suisanʼs Maruchan Seimen

  • Hinoki-Buro : Ancestral workmanship brought to perfection along the years


    Interview with Stephen Cox,Managing Director ofHavas Worldwide Japan

  • Ichigo-ichie—one word, one picture—a moment with Yasuko Senshu

Vol.18 Topics

Vol. 19 2013年 04月号



Running for Pleasure

  • Long-distance running in Japan

  • Thoughtful Product Study

  • Around Half of all Infertility Problems Are Due to Men


    Film director, Claude Gagnon

Vol.19 Topics

Vol. 21 2014年 5,6月号


Savoring Seasonal Bounty and the Historical Flavor of Dashi Stock

Delicious Japanese Food

  • New Opening


  • QualityReview

    Hita City, Oita Prefecture Yumehibiki, a Premium Plum Wine From Oyama-machi, Where Plums are Prized

  • QualityReview

    An Air Cleaning Device that Even Removes PM2.5

Vol.21 Topics

Vol. 022 2014年 08月号


It takes more than just efficiency to jump hurdles

Turning a Weakness into a Strength

  • QualityReview

    Nanopass 34G Pen Needle for insulin shots, with a gauge pared down to the absolute minimum level of thinness

  • Hotels to seek out again and again

    Takashimaya - Registered Tangible Cultural Property Echigo Iwamuro Spa

Vol.022 Topics


JUN, 2019
Tokyo Tales for 2020[No. 1]

The Daimyo Teien of Edo Strolling through some of the capital's most beautiful gardens

“Tokyo Tales for 2020” is a semi-regular series showcasing the Japanese capital’s myriad attractions ahead of the 2020 Olympics.


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