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Keeping the City Clean

JQR Special Keeping the City Clean
Keeping the City Clean (PDF)

It can be easy to forget when you live here, but despite how many people live and work in Japan, cities are kept remarkably clean.
This applies not only to the roads or the train stations, but across all forms of public transportation, including trains, buses, and taxis.
It takes quite a lot of people to keep our cities beautiful. In this feature, we visit those cleaners at work.
 --------- JQR No.18 (2013 Jan)

The Day of Reckoning : Finding Japan's Top Matsusaka Cow

JQR Special The Day of Reckoning : Finding Japan's Top Matsusaka Cow
The Day of Reckoning : Finding Japan's Top Matsusaka Cow (PDF)

Japan has several well-known beef cattle “brands”, at the pinnacle of which stand the cattle raised in Matsusaka.
Of these, Japanese Black heifers sourced from the Tajima and Awaji regions of Hyogo Prefecture and fattened for 900 days or more are in a class of their own, and are known as “premium Matsusaka beef cattle”.
Every November the Matsusaka Beef Cattle Competition (Matsusaka Nikugyu Kyoshinkai) is held.
In 2015 a total of 50 of these majestic animals took part in the event, and following two hours of painstaking judging, the 686-kg Momomiya, a 1,007-day resident of a Matsusaka feedlot farm, was crowned the 66th queen of the Matsusaka cows.
 --------- JQR No.27 (2016 Jan)

Running for Pleasure

JQR Special Running for Pleasure
Running for Pleasure (PDF)

Many people seem to have realized recently that running is a really enjoyable sport.
In fact there were 303,450 applications for the 2013 Tokyo Marathon!
The chances of winning a place in the event were 1 in 10.3, the lowest ever.
Running appears to be an easy sport, because all you have to do is run.
But there is a lot to learn, and it’s harder than you might think.
You need knowledge and gear that suits you in order to run comfortably and enjoyably.
We’ve put together some basic information to help you get to that point.
For anyone who wants to try for the first time, or give their running a boost:
Now is the time to get out in the warm spring weather and have a go!
 --------- JQR No.19 (2013 Apr)

For that Special Someone,on a Special Day

JQR Special For that Special Someone,on a Special Day
For that Special Someone,on a Special Day (PDF)

Gifts Made in Japan
On the heels of Christmas comes the New Year--
December is an exciting time for everyone.
Here we offer a collection of carefully selected, made-in-Japan gifts, sure to please the giver, and delight the recipient.
 --------- JQR No.17 (2012 Dec)

In Search of Fresh Vegetables

JQR Special In Search of Fresh Vegetables
In Search of Fresh Vegetables (PDF)

Good Food Starts with Tasty Ingredients
Vegetables tend to be thought of as a complement rather than the main dish, vegetables but a really good vegetable packed with an intense concentration of flavor is something that should be savored for itself.
Recent trends in food safety awareness have stimulated demand for safe, locally grown produce.
Combine this with the application of advanced technology to agriculture and it all adds up to the start of new food adventures with vegetables.
 --------- JQR No.14 (2012 Jul)

The Electric Car Evolves

JQR Special The Electric Car Evolves
The Electric Car Evolves (PDF)

Gasoline or Electricity? That is the Question
By the year 2020, 1.5 billion cars will be on the road around the globe.
That’ s a projected increase of 160% over current levels.
Gasoline depletion and CO2 emissions are major concerns.
Necessity compels us to rethink our modes of transportation over the next decade.
One powerful contender for the future is electric cars.
Can the introduction and spread of electric cars really take off?
And what are they like to use?
We bring you this report on the current state of electric cars, and their future.
 --------- JQR No.13 (2012 Jun)

Japanese Snacks are Amazing!

JQR Special Japanese Snacks are Amazing!
Japanese Snacks are Amazing! (PDF)

Popular Even Overseas
Delicious, fun and safe, the variety of Japanese snacks and sweets is amazing.
The casual sweets children love are exquisite, from their packaging to their texture.
Everyone eats them without thinking, but these sweets and snacks feature the creativity and attention to detail for which the Japanese are famous.
 --------- JQR No.01 (2011 May)

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