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JAPAN QUALITY REVIEW The multilingual magazine unveiling today’s Japan

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JQR Interview

Taste Testing Convenience Store Desserts

JQR Interview Taste Testing Convenience Store Desserts
Taste Testing Convenience Store Desserts (PDF)

Convenience store shelves are always lined with a mouthwatering array of desserts, and every month new products get put to the test in this extremely competitive market.
New desserts only have a week to prove themselves in trial sales, and those that don’t sell get taken off the shelves.
We asked three people in the food business to give their independent opinions of the top-selling desserts.
And the results...?
 --------- JQR No.20

Film director, Claude Gagnon

JQR Interview Film director, Claude Gagnon
Film director, Claude Gagnon (PDF)

Japan may look very different but little of substance has changed.
 --------- JQR No.19

Long-distance running in Japan

JQR Interview Long-distance running in Japan
Long-distance running in Japan (PDF)

Spring is the perfect season to step outside to stretch those rusty legs and get back in shape before summer.
Whatever sport you do, you'll always need either specific gears, tools, a ground, a pool or a partner.
However, running is the only sport that needs none of those.
You just go out and you run.
But running long distances in fast times takes some shape et mostly takes some guts!
Japan has a particular love for running.
Would it be for marathons or relays, people travel the country to go cheer runners.
Schools have compulsory marathon days.
TV channels have their 24h running challenges.
But how is it for foreigners to run in this country?
JQR has met with three hard-core adrenaline-addicted men...
 --------- JQR No.19

Stephen Cox

JQR Interview Stephen Cox
Stephen Cox (PDF)

Managing Director of Havas Worldwide Japan
Japanese consumers look for the brand value beyond the product
 --------- JQR No.18

Rod Lappin

JQR Interview Rod Lappin
Rod Lappin (PDF)

Executive Chairman of NEC Lenovo Group Japan
Japanese Major Consumer Electronics Companies have lost Global Reach
 --------- JQR No.17

Shin Egawa, Professor

JQR Interview Shin Egawa, Professor
Shin Egawa, Professor (PDF)

Department of Urology, Jikei University School of Medicine
At the Forefront of the Upsurge in Prostate Cancer
 --------- JQR No.17

François Trausch

JQR Interview François Trausch
François Trausch (PDF)

Asia Pacific CEO, GE Capital Real Estate
Tokyo is still under urban development
 --------- JQR No.16

Living in Kyoto History, quietness and convenience

JQR Interview Living in Kyoto History, quietness and convenience
Living in Kyoto History, quietness and convenience (PDF)

We are sitting quietly outside on the wooden edge of Honen-in temple, facing one of its ageless magical inner gardens.
A soft breeze is warmed by a bright autumn sun.
The decor is perfectly matching what anyone would imagine being the heart of Kyoto.
Except that none of us is Japanese... or at least in appearance.
As the majority of foreigners in Japan could only think of Tokyo as their base, for a few some, there is nowhere else than Kyoto on earth.
JQR has met with three of them to find out why.
 --------- JQR No.16

Cycling to work in Tokyo

JQR Interview Cycling to work in Tokyo
Cycling to work in Tokyo (PDF)

Have you ever wondered how those super-hero-like colleagues manage to come to the office in full cycling gear and sweat, change in an instant into a sharp business suit ready to negotiate those big contracts, then when the day ends, they swirl around somewhere backstage and suddenly appear at the front door again geared up in their super-costumes?
This seems to have become a growing trend in downtown Tokyo, so JQR invited 3 cycling super-heroes to reveal their secrets.
Well, not too loud, please....
 --------- JQR No.11

Hiking in Japanese Mountains

JQR Interview Hiking in Japanese Mountains
Hiking in Japanese Mountains (PDF)

Japan is certainly a crowded land. Although the whole world knows about its highest peak, Mt Fuji, most people are under the impression that apart from the famous volcano, nature has all but disappeared beneath skyscrapers and amusement parks.
Few are aware of the magnificent untouched mountain ranges that force the populace to build dense cities on the lower coastal shores.
The Northern Alps, Yatsugatake Mountains, and the Southern Alps are just some of the mountain ranges in Japan.
We asked three foreign hiking enthusiasts to describe their passionate relationship with nature, while living in one of the most crowded cities on the planet.
 --------- JQR No.10

Has Japanese cuisine real reasons to be trendy?

JQR Interview Has Japanese cuisine real reasons to be trendy?
Has Japanese cuisine real reasons to be trendy? (PDF)

Japanese food has boomed out around the world, first with sushi-shops everywhere, and now the Japanese-style dining has become a fascination for its healthiness and balanced diet.
Some writers even say it's the best healthy, anti-aging food, thanks to its bases of soy and fish.
JQR has met with three foreign men of various backgrounds to see if their daily diet had really changed and how Japanese food has affected their life since they have been living in Japan.
 --------- JQR No.08

Commuter Trains and the Train Situation

JQR Interview Commuter Trains and the Train Situation
Commuter Trains and the Train Situation (PDF)

Station attendants shove limbs poking out from doorways back inside, trying to squeeze just one more passenger into the already overfull train cars...
The foreign media often use this image of commuter trains as symbolic of Japan, portraying it as some strange rigorous test of endurance.
We spoke with three foreign residents from Australia, Russia and China with actual experience of Japanese commuter trains, asking them what they thought of them compared with the situation in their home countries.
Do Japanese commuter trains get a thumbs up 👍🏿, or a thumbs down 👎🏿?
 --------- JQR No.02

Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Professor

JQR Interview Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Professor
Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Professor (PDF)

Engineer, Sophia University Special Professor
I’m always dreaming. New ideas, better ways to do something...
That kind of thing.
 --------- JQR No.01

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