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The Day of Reckoning : Finding Japan's Top Matsusaka Cow

JQR Special The Day of Reckoning : Finding Japan's Top Matsusaka Cow
The Day of Reckoning : Finding Japan's Top Matsusaka Cow (PDF)

Japan has several well-known beef cattle “brands”, at the pinnacle of which stand the cattle raised in Matsusaka.
Of these, Japanese Black heifers sourced from the Tajima and Awaji regions of Hyogo Prefecture and fattened for 900 days or more are in a class of their own, and are known as “premium Matsusaka beef cattle”.
Every November the Matsusaka Beef Cattle Competition (Matsusaka Nikugyu Kyoshinkai) is held.
In 2015 a total of 50 of these majestic animals took part in the event, and following two hours of painstaking judging, the 686-kg Momomiya, a 1,007-day resident of a Matsusaka feedlot farm, was crowned the 66th queen of the Matsusaka cows.
 --------- JQR No.27

Tosayama Ginger Ale

Gourmet Tosayama Ginger Ale
Tosayama Ginger Ale (PDF)

Brand Debut vol.2
Soda made with Organic JAS Certified ginger packs a punch
Ginger, with its sharp yet refreshing flavor, is a key ingredient in cooking.
Now ginger takes center stage in a new ginger ale acclaimed for having flavor with a kick.
 --------- JQR No.17

Continuous efforts and the Blessings of Nature in the Home of Japanese Whisky

Gourmet Continuous efforts and the Blessings of Nature in the Home of Japanese Whisky郷
Continuous efforts and the Blessings of Nature in the Home of Japanese Whisky (PDF)

~ A Visit to the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery ~
Malt whisky, created from pure water, malt and yeast and matured in a variety of casks, becomes rich tasting whisky through superb blending.
A day spent in the Yamazaki Distillery gave us an appreciation for the complexity of this process.
 --------- JQR No.15


Gourmet Kankororin
Kankororin (PDF)

Brand Debut vol.1
A rich, amazake-flavored health drink full of essential amino acids and fiber
New! An amazake-flavored health drink made from sweet potatoes grown on the Goto Islands, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Perfect as a snack when dieting or for when you feel peckish ♡
 --------- JQR No.14

Delicious Canned Foods

Gourmet Delicious Canned Foods
Delicious Canned Foods (PDF)

Canned goods, survival food with a long shelf life for times of emergency.
They may be seen as emphasizing function over flavor, but in reality, canned foods can be very tasty. With a little ingenuity, they can be turned into fine dishes.
What a waste to let all those cans, pushed into the dark recesses of kitchens and cupboards, go past their "best by" dates.
Why not start incorporating canned foods into your life?
 --------- JQR No.12

This year make a hotpot at home!

Gourmet This year make a hotpot at home!
This year make a hotpot at home! (PDF)

Fun, social dining for long winter evenings
Delicious, adventurous nabe cuisine
When it comes to classic cooking for the cooler months, nabe hotpot dishes win hands down.
This year nabe dining at home has become especially popular.
Healthy and economical, it's a great dish to gather round and strengthen those family ties; just being with people you can relax with is fun.
Spending this winter exploring the tempting tastes of nabe cooking sounds like a splendid idea...
 --------- JQR No.08

Shaved Ice, Japanese Style

Gourmet Shaved Ice, Japanese Style
Shaved Ice, Japanese Style (PDF)

A Delightful Cooling Food Ideal for Summer
Shaved ice (kaki-gori) is a quick remedy for the over- heated body.
Though deceptively simple in terms of ingredients – the basic ingredients are shaved ice with some syrup poured on top – kaki-gori delivers a surprising depth of flavor.
This article will give you a glimpse into Japan’s unique and varied kaki-gori culture, which is underscored by painstaking efforts towards excellence by traditional confectionary shops and sweet parlors.
 --------- JQR No.05

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