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JAPAN QUALITY REVIEW The multilingual magazine unveiling today’s Japan

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OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” IKI

Fashion OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” IKI
OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” IKI (PDF)

JQR Fashion Vol.3 IKI
Style Begins When the Outer Surface Conflicts with the Inner
The structure of chic indicates three impetuses: coquetry, self-confidence, and acceptance. (Iki-no-kozo [The Structure of Chic], Shuzo Kuki)
 --------- Fassion No.03

OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” RIN

Fashion OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” RIN
OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” RIN (PDF)

JQR Fashion Vol.2 RIN
The Language of Dressing Up
Rin is like power concealed in the tranquil beauty of elegance
 --------- Fassion No.02

OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” Wrap

Fashion OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” Wrap
OMEKASHI ”Dressing Up” Wrap (PDF)

JQR Fashion Vol.1 Wrap
The Language of Dressing Up
We continue to create our outer layer by wrapping and dressing our bodies.
 --------- Fashion No.01

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