Seductive, Sensual, Erotically Humorous Edo Art

SHUNGA Exhibition Comes to Japan

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渓斎英泉「あぶな絵 源氏物語」

Keisei Eisen Abuna-e The Tale of Genji

The SHUNGA Exhibition, which contains 120 shunga (erotic prints) by renowned ukiyo-e artists, including Katsushika Hokusai, Kitagawa Utamaro, and Utagawa Hiroshige, is on display at the Eisei Bunko Museum in Tokyo’s Mejiro district until 23 December.

Torii Kiyonaga  The Scroll of the Sleeve /International Research Center for Japanese Studies Collection

Shunga are an unmistakably Japanese art form, and are highly regarded. However because the prints clearly depict genitalia, until now they have been deemed “obscene” and not exhibited in Japan on a large scale. Meanwhile, a shunga exhibition in late 2013 at the British Museum was a huge success, attracting over 87,000 visitors. There were plans to stage the exhibition in Japan in January 2014, but every Japanese museum approached turned down the opportunity, until the sponsors finally arrived at the Eisei Bunko Museum.
This exhibition features around 120 prints, including 18 returned to Japan from London. Don’t miss this rare opportunity for a glimpse into the bewitching, intimate world of man and woman as portrayed by the ukiyo-e artists of Edo.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi Hanagoyomi/International Research Center for Japanese Studies Collection

SHUNGA Exhibition

To 23 December, 2015
Venue: Eisei Bunko Museum (1-1-1 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo)
Hours: 9:30-20:00 (last admission: 19:30)
*Sundays: 9:30-18:00 (last admission: 17:30)
Closed: Monday (open on public holidays)
Admission fee: 1500 yen
*Please note admission is restricted to those 18 years and over.

Contact Eisei Bunko Museum TEL:03-5777-8600

Translation/Kirsten McIvor

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