Japanese Guides Vol. 4 The First Lucky Bag Especially for Foreign Visitors!

The “Full Immersion Sumo Experience” Lucky Bag

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Lucky bags are a regular feature of the New Year, with stores vying to offer a variety of enticing merchandise. This year, which saw such an increase in overseas visitors to Japan, also marks the first appearance of lucky bags designed especially for non-Japanese shoppers.
At Tobu Department Store’s flagship Ikebukuro location, they will be offering two “Full Immersion Sumo Experience” lucky bags (at 50,000 yen each, to be used by two people). The offer includes tickets for masuseki (tatami box seats) at the Kokugikan sumo arena in Ryogoku for the Grand Tournament to be held in May 2016, along with interpreting service in English or Chinese. For the lower division bouts, a former top division wrestler will provide commentary and answer questions.
This is sure to help the lucky purchasers enjoy the full depth of the sumo experience, even without any knowledge of the sport. The lucky bag includes other exciting additions, including a visit to the Dewanoumi sumo “stable,” where the ticket holders can watch a practice session, share a pot of traditional chanko stew with the wrestlers, and even take a souvenir photo. Interested visitors can apply for a lottery to purchase one of these two lucky bags by filling out and submitting the application form available at the second basement level of the store. Entries will be accepted from December 26 through five p.m. on January 2. Who will these lucky bags go to?

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