Wide and Ultra-Compact Toothbrush Head Options for Perfect, Personalized Cleaning

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Using two different purpose-made toothbrushes in combination allows thorough brushing of even those hard-to-reach places

New Designs for Today’s Teeth and Tooth Brushing Challenges

“Between Zeitaku Care” (two models, each in three colors, see your retailer for price), “CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Taft” (two colors, see your retailer for price)

Daily tooth brushing is an indispensable part of good oral hygiene. Browse the oral care section of any supermarket or drug store and you will find a bewildering array of toothbrushes. Toothbrush selections have long been dominated by models with compact heads that promise to reach right to the back of the mouth, but ever since last year a number of new options have started to become available.
One of these is the “Between Zeitaku (luxury) Care” range of brushes, whose primary selling features are a large head and high bristle count.
According to Kotaro Kashida of manufacturer Lion’s oral care division, “Fundamentally, brushing teeth should involve using a small head to carefully clean each individual tooth, but in reality a lot of people were finding that compact brushes were time-consuming and thus troublesome to use, so we developed a product to enable more efficient brushing.”
Whereas ordinary toothbrushes have three or four horizontal rows of bristles, brushes in the “Between Zeitaku Care” range have six, and 3500 bristles: 3.5 times the usual number. The head is wide enough to reach both the upper and lower gums simultaneously when the mouth is closed, and designed so that two back teeth can be cleaned simultaneously. In addition, the tips of the bristles are extremely fine, allowing them to penetrate gaps between teeth, and between teeth and gums, to remove food residue and plaque. The brushes are designed to clean teeth thoroughly without missing any spots, and as a bonus produce a luxurious “wrap-around” sensation on the teeth.

Reaching less accessible spots such as between teeth and behind back teeth to remove plaque

The white bristles in the center are short and the outer blue ones are long to clean the tooth surface and between teeth respectively

The head is designed to be large enough to clean two back teeth and the gums simultaneously

Reflecting Changes in Dental Anatomy

The “CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Taft” brush, another Lion product, stands in stark contrast to the “Between Zeitaku Care” range, featuring a tiny head with a small number of bristles implanted in a cone shape. According to Lion, the development of this brush was driven by changes in modern dental anatomy.
“Our surveys show that around half of women aged in their 20s-40s feel they have crooked or crowded teeth. Factors such as dietary changes have altered the balance between human jaw size and tooth size, resulting in a growing number of people having what is known as dental crowding, which is the failure of teeth to fit their jaw. These days, around half the population has crowded teeth.” (Hiroko Ide, Lion Oral Care Research Laboratories)
The “CLINICA ADVANTAGE Dental Taft” brush thus allows targeted brushing of certain areas—such as teeth that grow on top of one another—that are often missed due to the difficulty of physically getting a brush into these spaces.
There was a time when family members all used the same kind of toothbrush, just in different colors, but choosing brushes and toothpastes to suit individual needs is increasingly becoming the norm. The trick is to find the brush that’s best for you.

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