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Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Smoked Food Cooked at Home with the Smoke Roast Oven

Photos / Susumu Nagao Text / JQR Editorial Staff  Translation / Alison Watts

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The oven also has excellent roasting capability. Fish and meat turn out plump and juicy as if cooked over charcoal.

Smoked food cooked indoors that produces a rich aroma but virtually no smoke.

Smoke and Roast Oven Kemurantei NF-RT1000.

Smoked food has its own unique flavor and aroma. If you buy smoked products, however, they are often on the expensive side and have already lost that appetizing freshly smoked smell. At the same time, making it yourself involves a lot of work.
First you have to find somewhere to cook outside, because of all the smoke produced in the process, then you must master the art of burning wood chips for smoking food, and finally you have to wait several hours before the food is ready. There are many hurdles for anyone starting out.
The solution is the Panasonic Kemurantei NF-RT1000, a smoke roaster oven that turns this outdoorsy cooking activity into something that can easily be enjoyed indoors. It’s the first ever roaster oven to be fitted with smoking functions. Astonishingly, this modestly sized oven can smoke food in roughly ten to thirty minutes.

Unique Odor and Smoke Removal Functions

The roasting function automatically adjusts the cooking time according to the ingredient.

 “We were already making the Kemurantei oven series, which can roast fish or meat without producing much smoke, so we took those capabilities and applied them to smoking to create this new oven,” said Fujiko Tanaka, of the Panasonic Small Appliances Products Department.  

Smoking food with this oven is simple. All you need do is put the wood smoke chips in the special tray that comes with the oven, arrange the food on the wire net over the chips, cover with a lid of aluminum foil and put it in the oven. After five minutes of cooking you will detect a faint aroma wafting out, but no smoke.
According to Ms. Tanaka, “The oven fan turns just before smoke is produced, forcing it through a 14 layer filter containing a platinum palladium catalyzer that oxidizes the organic matter in the smoke odor and oils, which is then broken down before the gas is discharged from the oven.”


All Kinds of Food Can Be Smoked

When the food is ready it has a lovely light brown color and the unique mellow aroma of freshly smoked food. Besides the standard smoked cheese or bacon, roasted chestnuts or sweet foods like cookies are also said to be ideal, so we decided to give it a try.
The smoked roasted chestnuts were a perfect accompaniment for whisky, while the cookies seemed even crispier and more aromatic than usual. Lightly roasted mixed nuts were a particularly good choice. Different kinds of wood chips produced different flavors, all with the same basic ingredients.
With autumn approaching producing your own original smoked foods would be a good way to enjoy it.

Inquiries: Panasonic Customer Service Center 0120・878・365 http://panasonic.jp

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