Interview with Rod Lappin, – Executive Chairman of NEC Lenovo Group Japan

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The domestic PC market is crowded with competitors!

There is a great retail market here, it’s very busy, because there are so many players! This is one thing about Japan that is different to a lot of parts of the world, as the local PC market is shared by a great number of competitors. It’s very hard for foreign firms to compete on consumer electronics here. Lenovo on it’s own would have had quite a hard time and that is why the jointventure with NEC was so good for us.

Combined now we are number one! On a personal level I think that living and working here is extremely convenient. People are so polite, I often joke with my friends saying that if you stop your car right in the middle of the road, no one will toot you: they’ll rather think “oh the poor guy must have a terrible problem!” If you do that anywhere else in the world, you’ll have all the cars behind tooting, some big guy will come out and bang at your window! When I leave this time I will really miss the cultural aspects of Japan.

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