“Small” and “Cozy” Really Are Better!

The Appeal is in the Limitations ♥

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Most of us grow up believing bigger is better.
But given the finite availability of land and
the depletion of our resources,
we may have reached the limit of how much space
we should hope for.
Depending on your needs, though, a few ideas and a little ingenuity
can make small spaces perfectly comfortable.
Smart use of small spaces—it’s what the world needs, and it’s great!

Reporting, Text/Tsunefumi Honma, JQR Editorial Staff
Photos/Susumu Nagao (Restaurants) Noriyuki Kamio (Kei Cars), Satoru Naito (Housing)
Illustration / Mari Kaneko

Making Use of Tiny Spaces Part 1 Restaurants

Making Use of Tiny Spaces Part 2 Autos

Making Use of Tiny Spaces Part 3 Housing

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