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Omekashi mekashibito

Dressed-up People


One piece of fabric plays a dramatic role in the flow of daily life.


Omekashi 23
Make-up and accessories create a surface and change the natural body in a different manner.
Top 17,850 yen/Stole 19,950 yen/Pants/23,100 yen/Pleats Please Issey Miyake/Issey Miyake Inc.


Omekashi 24
Fumiko Aoyagi (Shop clerk/Harajuku)
Scarf around head 16,800 yen/Theater Products/Theater Products Omotesando


Omekashi 25
The stole was the original accessory. Draping a piece of material draws attention and accentuates.
Top 14,700 yen/Pants 28,350 yen/Stole 15,750 yen/Pleats Please Issey Miyake/Issey Miyake Inc.


Omekashi 26
Toru Saita (Hairdresser/Omotesando)
Handkerchief around neck 3,150 yen/undecorated MAN/undecorated MAN


Omekashi 27
Each article of clothing has its own attribute. The skirt, for example, has culturally come to define a female. Different facets appear when wrapped in these cultural restraints.
Top 29,400 yen/Pants 63,000 yen/132 5. Issey Miyake/Miyake Design Studio/Belt and pumps supplied by the stylist


Omekashi 28
Leo (DJ/Shinjuku)
Shorts 84,000 yen/Mikio Sakabe/Candy


Omekashi 29
Ample clothing fills with air and covers body traits. The dichotomy of males and females becomes ambiguous, and the presence of a third, neutral gender emerges.
Coat 29,400 yen/Shirt 33,600 yen/Pants 36,750 yen/132 5. Issey Miyake/Miyake Design Studio


Omekashi 30
Yoko Kunie (Part-time worker, Shibuya)
Pintucked Dolman shirt – sample/Emoda/Emoda, Shibuya 109 Branch


Photography/Takemi Yabuki “Femme” (p. 6, 8, 10, 12), Maki Taguchi (p. 7, 9, 11, 13)
Hair & Make up/Tsukushi Ichikawa
Models/Shohei Yamashita (p. 8, 10), Sayo Akasaka (p. 6, 12)
Text/Hiroshi Ashida

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