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Omekashi mekashimono


Omekashi 10 Omekashi 9
Haori gown – Full Nelson
This gown, based on a short-kimono coat design, accentuates feminine delicacy and dignity. Haori gown 35,700 yen Full Nelson (Agosto Inc.)
Sunglasses – Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow
This range is a collaboration between Linda Farrow, a popular brand with celebrities, and Jeremy Scott. The wearer peeks through the fingers, which adds charm to the eyes. Sunglasses 20,000 yen (reference price) Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow (Diptrics)
Omekashi 11 Omekashi 12
Stole – Faliero Sarti
This colorful stole from Italy’s established textile brand Faliero Sarti is light, soft and comfortable. Stole 32,550 yen Faliero Sarti (Guild Prime Shibuya)
Drawstring bag – Theater Products
A spangled drawstring bag for an urbane look. Change the configuration to suit your needs depending how you tie the bag or use the inner button. Drawstring bag Black, silver, brown
23,100 yen each Theater Products (Theater Products Omotesando)
Omekashi 13 Omekashi 14
High heels – United Nude
Established English shoe-maker Clarks and a Dutch architect created this shoe brand. The heels are covered in the same pattern, giving your feet presence. High heels 19,950 yen United Nude (United Nude)
Bracelet – AMBUSH®
An ironic hand bracelet from the pop accessory brand, AMBUSH®, designed by Verbal, member of the Japanese hip-hop band, m-fo. “Skull ‘Amb’ Bones” Bracelet 18,690 yen AMBUSH® (AMBUSH®)
Omekashi 15
Wrap-around skirt – Phenomenon
This delightful check skirt accentuates the masculinity of the upper body and the delicacy of the lower body. Madras check, wrap-around skirt 19,950 yen Phenomenon (The Contemporary Fix)
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