About JQR

The Japan Quality Review was launched to examine and review various top quality products, locations and concepts that originated from or were created in Japan, and then convey this information to the world. This means featuring not only industrial products, but also things that tend to be neglected such as traditions, customs, and daily life—the kind of thing that Japanese people take for granted. We aim to convey timely and genuine information about Japan in several languages. Nothing would make us happier than to become a worldwide media publication that contributes to making Japanese quality known to people in many countries, as well as facilitating an exchange of opinions with readers around the world.

Please support us by letting all your friends and acquaintances know about JQR.

Jun Shinozuka
JQR publisher and editor-in-chief April 7, 2011

JQR editorial department[Integral Corp.]
2-1-14 Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0064
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