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The Ueno Summer Festival Parade

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Wearing finery that includes beautiful dancing costumes and yukata, the troupes march down the area’s central street, showcasing a variety of entertaining performances. This colorful parade was the highlight of the festival.

A Spanish couple who moved to Japan a year ago, they were in Ueno to see the parade.

These two friends, one from Canada and one from the U.S.A., have lived in Japan for over ten years and came specially to see this event.

Sisters from France on a trip through Japan thought themselves lucky when they visited Ueno for sightseeing and happened to hear about this event.

Two friends from Iran who have lived in Japan for about ten years came across the parade by chance on their way back from Akihabara.

The Ueno Summer Festival in Taito Ward, Tokyo is held every year around the Shinobazu Pond and Suijo lakefront concert hall area in Ueno Park. One major event during this month-long festival is the Ueno Summer Festival Parade that started in 1982 to commemorate the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train line. Around thirty troupes come from around the country to perform dances and other traditional festival entertainment activities in the parade, which showcases gigantic Nebuta lanterns from Aomori and Kanto lanterns from Akita in the Tohoku region.
The 32nd festival was held this year on July 18, in rainy weather. Nevertheless, crowds of sightseers lined Ueno Chuo-dori to see the troupes, who came from as far away as Aomori in the north and Okinawa in the south, participate in the parade. Local residents joined overseas and domestic tourists to enjoy exciting, powerful performances that made everybody forget all about the summer heat and humidity.

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