Myou no Kunjou

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The search for Japan’s top taste sensations!

One way to keep food from spoiling is to salt it heavily, yet this method diminishes the flavor. Madam Seiko keeps the woodchips burning through the night to create exceptional smoked goods that let you enjoy the flavors produced by curing.

No effort spared to produce perfect smoked wild trout

There was a time when every river in Japan had its own dedicated fishermen, who would catch fish to order for inns and restaurants, and supposedly even supply fish of uniform size. Taking on nature in all its unpredictability to reliably deliver the goods: they must have really known their stuff.
Nowadays fishermen with this sort of dedication to their craft are thin on the ground, doubtless due to the huge changes in river environments—e.g., river flow volumes—brought about by the construction of dams and dikes. There are fewer fish, and those that remain are much smaller than in the past.
These now-scarce trout and char are caught by fishermen and smoked and sold by Myou no Kunjou. Madam Seiko’s slow and painstaking smoking method produces top-quality products that taste even better with time. Unfortunately, trout and char are not always available, but the Myou no Kunjou range also includes beef and chicken, and seasonal meats such as duck, venison and wild boar. Also available are smoked vegetables and fruit, all of which offer uniquely delightful taste sensations.
Humans are the only animals to cook their food, and have been doing so for at least 500,000 years. We can only speculate as to when Homo sapiens graduated from the simpler method of placing foods directly in flames or embers to curing them by smoke, but one thing is certain: Madam Seiko is a worthy inheritor of that ancient tradition.
Purchasing information

Madam Seiko’s homemade smoked goods

Beef belly 200g ¥3000
Beef shoulder roast 200g ¥3000
Pork ribs 1 kg pack ¥7000 500g pack ¥3500
Bone-in chicken legs ¥1630 each
Chicken wings Ten for ¥3000
Wild char Please enquire
Wild trout Please enquire
* All weights are before smoking

Duck, lamb, sika deer, vegetables, baskets of seasonal specialties and other items also sold.
Deliveries, catering, etc. available.

Myou no Kunjou
7-13-15 Soya, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
TEL: 047-374-1671

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